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Thought it might be fun to do a little Get the Look feature. Here is my studio or at least half of my studio otherwise known as PR HQ which Sharona heads up. snooze One of the perks of having an interiors store and only buying what you love is that everything that's in the store is in my pad and vice versa. My latest acquisition is the Keep Calm painting by Barbara Smith I brought it recently via our Open Call feature, we now stock Barbara's work which I absolutely love. The super cool chair is new to our collection as are many of the faux's. Every room in my pad has something oversized in it usually it’s the lamps sometimes its mirrors but its always something. Maud who is a little under the weather right now is hanging out here too and Mungy is at my feet. It’s a very happy AA HQ if I say so myself! Need any more info on the products by the way just hit Get the Look and it will take you to the page, oh and remember we have 20% for the next two weeks photo-11

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