Decorating with books

Today is a big day; we're launching my Debenhams range to the press. Held in a super swish location in the centre of town, over 50 press have been invited and are attending the launch! Scary stuff, I wish I could give you guys a sneak peak, soon I promise. Debenhams has to date been the proudest thing I have done, producing a collection that looks luxurious, edgy, sophisticated, a little tongue in cheek at an incredible affordable price point is amazing. I am so excited and proud of it and everything in it. Lamps, cushions, candles, letters, art, jewellery boxes, ornaments, and wall decor I can go on and on. It launches in 100 of Debenhams stores and online September 1! Wish me luck this morning I am a little nervous, it’s been a bit like having a child, sort of. I've been working on it from last August and its the first time anyone has seen it besides of course the amazing Debenhams team that I have been so lucky to work with and my own. Down to business, lets talk books. Books for me are an essential part of the decorating jigsaw puzzle. Fabulous as part of a tablescape, i.e. in a little grouping on a console, shelf, occasional table as well as in a floor to ceiling bookcase. Virtually everyone has books right so they are the easiest things to use as an accessory. I've got recipe books stacked all over my kitchen island, not just for the practicality of it but also because they add life, pattern and texture. On my coffee tables, occasional tables, shelves and consoles you're always find a stack of books with something plonked on top be that a candle or a little posy of flowers it adds such an interesting dynamic and its so easy to do. Below a selection of images to inspire,  see you back here later with news of how it all went down x bookSweet little grouping, you don't need to colour co-ordinate but if you do it looks super cool! books2I've used this image before (forgive) it shows beautifully how if you have a floor to ceiling bookcase, accessorising it with art and other stuff totally ups the anty    

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