Getting out of a creative rut

Yesterday I spoke of ways to help figuring out your dream home.  Today I thought I would focus on how to get out of a creative rut, which I realise is kind of back to front and should have gone before yesterday’s post but that is how we roll! Anyways it sort of crosses over and relates a tad so stay with me if you don't mind. I sometimes find myself in a creative rut, whether I am interior designing a space, designing products, sourcing products sometimes nothing seems to work. Designs don't come together, schemes are all at sea and I know from years of experience now not to fight it. These tricks have helped me out big time, so if you are in any sort of conundrum with your designs they may help you out as well. Walk away - from design boards, from blogs, Facebook, books, magazines and get outside. No matter the weather although here in London it’s amazing right now, get out and smell the fresh air. Sometimes I go for a swim in the open-air lido; sometimes I take the two M's through the park for a wander.  From experience there is no point fighting a lack of creative thought. Getting outside blows the cobwebs away as my Grandfather used to say, clears your head and gets you back on track. This sounds a bit odd I know but if you happen to live in a city with cool hotels go wander through the lobbies. Some of my best design inspirations have come from hotels as hotel designers often have large budgets to splurge and impress so its a good place to start borrowing an idea or two. Don’t worry if you don't have the latest Ace hotel opening in your hood - go for a cafe stroll. With so many cafes on the scene designers are making them supremely appealing whether they have a rustic vibe or are a little more glam they are great for ideas. Beware of your surroundings - my camera or my phone camera is always clicking away - people watching downtown, some cool graffiti in east London it inspires all sorts of ideas from artwork to colour schemes. Take a field trip to your favourite store and rather than zooming in on your favourite section wander and be open to anything that catches your eye. It’s called widening your focus and I do it a lot. Be inspired by music - this sounds odd I know but fab music often calls to mind a style or mood plus it boosts spirits when they are flagging.  We are big fans of Spotify at AA HQ - from jazz, blues the odd bit of folk its always on in the background Does any of that help, hope so? Two images below from the concept store Merci in Paris which I happen to think is one of the coolest stores on the planet and has inspired me greatly. From the devine paint colour in the bookshop/cafe to the layering of oodles of rugs to mixing modern with traditional. m m1I'm off the gym which I must say I don't particularly love until that is I'm showered, breakfasted and home and then I feel great and ready to tackle the day. See you back here later, with another Debenhams sneak peak. Exciting!

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