The Animal Trend

Gym or no gym this is the question occupying my mind this morning? Yesterday I went (gold star for me) and today was supposed to be at Pilates except I overslept.  Do I whiz to the gym to make up for it or stay here sitting in my pjs? Decisions, decisions! In the next week or so we have oodles of new stock arriving, from dining tables to chandeliers, from dressers to baskets to some of the coolest vases I have found in a long time. Cannot wait to show you guys, as soon as its in we're photograph it and then put it up on the website. Talking of the website my plan is to fortnightly (schedule depending) put together a mini journal or e-zine featuring some of the coolest pads over on the forum (I just have to showcase them), along with some other cool features. We are working on it as we speak so I'll give you a heads up as soon as it’s up and running as I'm tweaking the site again. Never satisfied is a problem I seem to suffer with all the time! The same goes for this house one month I'll think I'm done the next I'll walk in with different eyes and think that is not good enough! I get asked quite a lot about trends, what’s hot what’s not and although I don't follow them one trend (the animal one)  has been around for a while and it seems to be getting bigger! I use animals all the time in my interiors infact its one of the reasons that my new Debenhams range has so many animals in the collection. Plonk an animal on a shelf and suddenly you've taken it to new heights, sit an animal light on a console and rather than decorating in a predictable way you've suddenly (no skilled involved) added a whole different dimension to your interior. That is why they are so popular I think because animals, ceramic, stone, resin, paper machie or otherwise add levity and irreverence to a room.  They lift a rooms spirits by giving it an unexpected twist.  The key obviously is not to over do it she says sitting at her desk with two poodles hanging out on two ostrich tables in the alcove and a pelican on the mantle!  But you know what they really do lighten the mood, interiors that are decorated to within an inch of their lives feel dull,  they need something to throw them out of the park. It takes guts to add something oddball, but you know what the most memorable interiors do just that. You walk into a beige haze of co-ordinatedness and a bet you don't give it another thought right. Yet you walk into somewhere that makes your heart skip a beat because the colour palette has been pushed and risks have been taken and suddenly you're talking! Two animal images below, firstly another image of my new collection for Debenhams with the penguin lamp, dog art, a super cool rhino as well as the coolest candelabra in town. [caption id="attachment_5030" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Photography Graham Atkins Hughes Photography Graham Atkins Hughes[/caption] Secondly a camel,  I have a thing about camels, she says with a life size one currently hanging out in her store!  I rode one once, funny things they are, but there is something about them that I kind of love! Hard to nail why but I guess that is love right there is no rational when it comes to it! camelAm going to gym decision made, need to get off of my ass!

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