Fancy joining my Style Panel?

Little later than usual apologises its been a bit of a crazy one already. Lots to tell this morn, firstly we're going to be adding some editorial content to the website so it feels a bit more journal like. I'm thinking of a book club whereby I’ll be reviewing the best interiors and recipe tomes around. Also I want to preview some of the coolest spaces on my Forum because I just have to show them off, so please keep posting in, plus some other features as well. It should be up and running within two weeks, will keep you posted. We're also in the process of adding inspirational images to each of our sections because as great as cut outs are of products  nothing beats seeing them in situ.  Not every section is completed yet but some of them are below These images now head up our textiles section textilesAnd these our lighting section lighting Fab no? Also I wanted to ask you guys if you fancied joining my style panel (another feature going up on the site)? From time to time I was thinking I would shoot y'all a question such as favourite store, best place to buy coffee tables stuff like this that I will then accumulate and publish. In my design schools I learn so much from everyone who comes, sources I've never heard of, ideas I've never thought of we all bounce off each other.  How cool then  will it be to learn some fab new sources or ideas from you guys based all over the globe? What do you think? If you are up for it the first question is  -- who does the best-scented candles?

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