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Wow thanks guys for being on my Style Panel and also for all your amazing responses to my candle question. We will compile all the data and then publish it in our new feature on the site. I am loving this Style Panel idea, I for one have learnt about so many new sources and brands so its something I will be doing pretty regularly. Today is Design School day and another beautiful one in London. Lunch in the garden, glass of rose on the terrace at the end of our session, I cannot wait to meet my new class. I thought I might focus briefly this morning on the home office. I’ve touched upon them before but I wanted  pinpoint a few game changers when it comes to decorating them. Whether you have a nook  or even a dedicated office or studio, I think (and this is obviously personal) that they need to integrate and feel as cool as any other area in your pad. Firstly it makes working way more fun and secondly it won’t feel disconnected to the rest of your space. When I decorated mine there were a few game changers obviously painting a room out in a fabulous hue is the biggest game changer around. Apart from that but in no particular order here are some of the others: Go unexpected with the table I couldn’t find a table that I loved so I found this old one at a flea market and sprayed it teal. Whole thing cost me £180! Lighting Obviously task lighting is fundamental but if you then soften that with something a little more decorative it will take the attention away from the space looking corporate and create the most amazing atmosphere. Rugs Rugs are so transformative in kitchens, hallways, home offices anywhere. They add a layer of texture and create such an interesting dialogue. My top tip as I say all the time when it comes to rug buying is go for something with pattern however subtle. Solid plain hues don't lift the spirits in the same way. Other things of course include art, accessories, and flowers so when you walk into your home office you’re not clock watching, itching to do whatever you have to do and then jump ship. One of the reasons I can spend up to 14 hours in my studio at a time is because it feels just like the rest of my space and I love hanging out in it. xxAbbi013_0298

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