Creating friction

Morning - another scorching one from London which I promise I am not complaining about as I love it! Thank you also to my Design Class on Friday who spent the day here, yabbering and talking all things design. The day whizzed by I had such a fun time thank you guys. I talk a little bit about this in the class and wanted to spend a little time singing its virtues here as well if you don't mind. The subject in hand is off kilter symmetry. Scares the hell out of some of us but its one of the tricks (certainly of my trade) that I use time and time again. Here is why. There is nothing wrong with having an interior where symmetry abounds, infact its the easiest thing in the world to do as you don't have to think a second about it. Same lights either side of the bed, check!  Two candlesticks anchoring a console, check - its called buying in two's. Right there is the problem for moi. Its too easy peasy, its too predictable, spirits won't soar to heights you never thought possible unless you rebel a bit. Let loose, shake yourself up - and start thinking in odd numbers. Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye - purely because they are more engaging so for example 3 not 4 cushions on a sofa, a cluster of 3 not 2 t-lights on a table. Make sense? If you're into rows of artwork on a wall - then how about 3 or 5, and how about one of them being way too big or way too small? Sound uncomfortable?  As odd as this sounds that is exactly my plan because all interiors need an element of tension. Everything harmonious everything balanced = a big yawn. We want friction, as much as you can possiblly handle - bad in any other walk of life - but magical in the interior world. Paris015_0261See how this installation isn't quite balanced?  A lone picture on the wall off to the right, far to small and yet its so wrong its right - and then ten items on a console with the 11th being the cactus. The items on the console don't really match but check out the heights - we start small on the left and we end small on the right. NAILED See you later x

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