Abigail Ahern

Blank wall solutions

I have to thank you guys again for all your candle suggestions and for being on my Style Panel, an amazing response!  We are compiling the data and will very soon be putting all the results on the site, am so excited that there are so many new brands I haven't even heard of. Right then does anyone have a blank wall that is bugging the hell out of them? Could be a big blank wall or a small blank wall, the problem being that its blank. The trouble with them is that they set a vibe that reads as boring because (here she goes again I here you cry) the more layers you add to a room the more intriguing and compelling a room becomes. Decorating AA style is all about seeing things through different lenses, magical ones at that whereby scale is distorted, hues either blur into each other or pop out and grab you, texture and pattern abound on and on I could go. My point there are no blank walls, blank walls are boring so we have to do something about them. Take this image below for example. If you've got a space between two windows rather than just putting a loan painting on the wall create a vignite, a story like these guys have done. Add a desk, a chair, wham bam it’s no longer a lonely little wall! mirror3 You could add mirror to your walls like these guys have done. Mirrors no matter how big or how small expand horizons and add depth and are one of the easiest decorating tools around, it amazes me how under used they are. mirror walls Wallpaper is another way, go patterned and you don't need to worry about embellishing further with art. mirror1Right I am off to the Forum to check in and to start pulling out houses to showcase on the site. See you later  x      

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