Colour Blocking

Monday morning - bright breezy and ready for a new week? I'm feeling a little achy in the bones as spent a lovely Saturday walking across London starting with breakfast at Borough and then ending up at Notting Hill via Hyde park where the two M's swam (or paddled up to their knees) leapt through the long grass like leaping lambs, raced along the sand as if they were horses and made me laugh out loud with their antics. By the time we got home we were exhausted - all three of us sat on the sofa for a snuggle and went immediately to sleep! Sunday was spent gardening, gardening, and gardening. Not forgetting Friday where Gem and I were in the store all day changing it around, lugging all the new furniture in and getting out tons of new accessories. The store looks amazing, we on the other hand not so much! Onto business, quite often in my classes and also here on the blog I advise you guys to take risks push boundaries and not be narrow minded. Usually I practice what I preach - except if you would have happened to have asked me a few months back would I paint a wall pink, white and yellow I would shout no and run for the hills. Or how about a blue, orange and red kitchen? I would be on the next plane out! See my narrow mindness, its not good. I immediately shut it down, without even thinking about it.  Until recently that is because I've done a U-turn. It’s a trend called colour blocking (huge in fashion) and it’s where you take 3 or so hues and go a little crazy. The first trick when it comes to colour blocking is to narrow down your colour choices no more than 3 I would say and then watch as your room, or wall, or nook takes a dynamic change. The second trick is to pair colours of similar intensity. Check out the images below: If your primary color is bold, make sure all the other colours are just as bold. colour If your primary color is pastel, make sure all the other colours are also pastel; it will make the space feel a little more cohesive. Paris007_0122 Cool no?

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