Quick Fixes

Sometimes all a room needs is a quick instant fix to take it to another level. No slapping on paint, wallpapering walls, sanding floors we’re talking immediate ways to perk up your pad. The easiest trick in the book and it involves buying not one thing is to reposition the furniture. Move any sofas away from walls and put a console or shelf behind and just see how quickly magic happens. Move, or angle chairs add the odd stool and literally start again. It will feel like walking into a different room! I am pretty good at this moving game as I have to continually do it in the store .  Its one of the easiest tricks out there plus  if you don’t like it move everything back to where it was – all it takes is an hour or two of your time right. No biggie when you want the coolest room on the block! Image domainehome.com b Change up the your textiles, cushions, throws, even bedding will make a huge difference to your space and not cost the earth! bbAdd plants or flowers they add instant life and intrigue to a shelf, table, console – wham bam nailed. I would be lost without my faux’s because as much as I love fresh flowers I couldn’t afford to spend thousands each week in getting my space to feel like it does now. Faux flowers do just that they lift a corner, a nook and take it to another level. Its one of my all time easiest tricks in the book. Room looking tired and in need of a lift - add flowers, real or otherwise they are the biggest game changer! bbbAdd a touch of whimsy. I bang on about this a lot for the simple reason that its one of the most underused components in the decorating book. Adding something oddball adds an element of surprise and intrigue. Not everything should make sense all the time, boring old world that would be no? Putting something fun like say a penguin on a table for instance, wham bam you've just gone to another  level. Doesn't have to be animal orientated, could be a cool painting, an unusual vase something unexpected - I go for an 80 20 split. 80 percent of my rooms make perfect sense, 20 percent don't. It avoids them looking one boring and two crazy! AbiDebs1_002_0068See you in a bit x

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