I have a bit of a thing about text on things. Scrawled across walls, furniture, art I guess because it feels a little bad boy, non conventional and totally rock n roll. The great thing about it is that it instantly updates anything, giving it elevated status, which is exactly the point in this DIY section. Plus it costs next to nothing –even better! It can be as simple as one line of text or it can cover the wall or piece entirely the choice as they say is yours! There’s something about lettering that feels instantly personal yet whimsical, I’m veering towards going the whole hog as it feels super impactful but its really up to you. The only thing I would say is that you sort of have to have cool writing in order to pull it off and to make it feel Banksy esq. If you don’t fear not there are tons of vinyl decals out there that will do the trick. Some images below to inspire: font font1 b&w

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