Making a difference

If you fancy knocking your home out of the park when it comes to design you have to think a little differently.  We're not by the way thinking differently to be gimmicky or different for differents sake we're thinking differently in order to create a space that compels intrigues and makes us catch our breath the moment we walk through the door. For instance most people think you should hang a pendant in the centre of the room and of course you can do that but you can also hang a pendant over a console in the corner of the room, as well. It will automatically up the intrigue - design stores do it all the time as do restaurants and hotels so why don’t we? yyMix things up - just because you need say a bedside table doesn't mean you have to go to the bedside table section in a store! Go to the dining section or the living room section and get an occasional table that is much taller than the standard boring bedside and watch magic happen. Messing things up like this creates friction and friction is something every interior desperately needs. Or say you need a coffee table, I have the hardest job liking any so I use African drums instead - these guys have used a skate board - pretty darn genius no? yMaybe you've got some cabinet that you are not so keen on - before ditching how about papering it inside - beautiful! yyyAnother trick I used all the time as a stylist was to take old bottles, jam jars boring as anything glass vases and paint them a cool colour. Costs next to nothing and wham bam you've updated a shelf in next to know time. I am sure you guys know about plasti-kote right - it’s a spray paint that gives stuff like vases a ton of different finishes. So fancy turning a jam jar into a concrete vessel go buy some the finishes are endless, ceramic, metallic on and on I could go! yyyyLittle touches that transform rooms pretty much instantly is one of the reasons I am so obsessed with this field of work. Have a lovely day oh and all  images Real Living magazine. x

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