Punctuation mark decorating

Every room needs a punctuation mark; think of it actually like an exclamation mark, every room needs an exclamation mark, here is why. It creates an instant focal point and all rooms need those.  I like to have three main focal points in a space that way it confuses the eye because it doesn’t quite know where to look as its pulled in so many different directions all at once so you’re space will instantly read as more exciting. One of the easiest ways of creating a punctuation mark is through paint and through colour. Cheapest, easiest thing in the world to do. You don't have to go the whole shebang you can highlight a wall or alcove, paint out a door and rather than banging on about going dark I thought I world highlight a few bold, blingy even a touch of primary type hues that take spaces to another level! Yes you will need to bring to the table a big dose of confidence but as I say many times at the end of the day its only a can of paint, you can always paint it back if you hate. oBeautiful hey one wall in a strong blue looks fab, feels very LA to me this space. oooRed walls, I need to practice what I  preach and add a shot of red here and there as it looks pretty darn cool in this NYC abode ooHow about just painting out the door, love the lime such an unexpected twist. Back in a bit see you then x

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