On the hunt for artists

I have a thing for bad boy art, art that is a little ballsy if you will. I guess its because I like the friction it creates throwing a room that feels quite grown up off radar a little. My conundrum however is finding the art. Time these days is crazy, not just with my own stuff but also I’m getting to collaborate with some truly notable brands - from creative direction to being the brands ambassador, its so much fun. The business is taking me in all sorts of directions, directions I never even dreamed of but as long as I hold onto the seat, fasten the belt, take a breath everything should be OK. Back to art - I thought I would ask you guys for assistance. If you have any leads or have seen an artists work that you think would fit the aesthetic of my store then do let me know. Doesn’t have to be bad boy also obsessed with simple sketches, fonts anything that is cool basically. I’m looking to expand up the art section big time with price points at all levels from prints to canvas.  We have some amazing stuff coming in but I'm greedy and I want more, more and more. Any Francis Bacon's out there - get in touch! A few images,  not of art more of the vibe, or a mood that is currently sitting on my desktop. I should btw be at the gym but I’m being lazy so going to grab a coffee and water the front garden in my pyjamas instead – figure all the neighbours will be asleep at 6.30 right! art1 artTalking of you guys a big thank you to everyone who reads this blog, with the incredible press we've had, more posts from me and a revamp of the store and collection the stats on the blog have gone crazy. Nearing 350,000 a month I can't even work out what that is a year! Bonkers even more so as blogging isn't really part of my day job. A little overwhelmed, thank you again.. x

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