Decorating Secrets

I'm just going through all the art as we speak thank you so much to everyone who has submitted work via the blog and via my Open Call. Please forgive me for not being able to respond to each and every submission we have had literally hundreds of submissions! Do you want to hear about some decorating secrets, things us designers pull out of the bag to suddenly change  up a room? Quick easy fixes that we keep secret from clients so when they walk into to their newly styled abode its all hugs, kisses and champagne flowing (well nearly always it is)! Most of the tricks you know I've mentioned them before, but some I've kept under wraps until now that is. One of the tricks of the trade is to pile on the pillows. For sofas never one, generally 3 - two up one end one down the other, simple as that.. More tantalising to the eye than pairs and one on its own - way too sad. Insert a bit of large scale furniture, be that a chair, coffee table, lamp maybe - it will make small rooms appear less small and large rooms feel grander (trust me)! Abbi005_0112 Add a bit of gold. It feels incredibly luxurious, so the odd gold vase, gold lamp it will look amazing especially at night when the light bounces off it, plus the warmth gold adds to a space is amazing! Don't theme. Say you live in Florida you don't need seashells everywhere or a watery palette. Imply rather than be explicit is the name of the game, otherwise the whole space can take on the tone of a theme park. Add side tables, I'm addicted to them because they make any space big or small look and feel cozier and warmer. Any chair or sofa needs a table beside it, preferably with a lamp and a few tomes so you can snuggle up with a drink or a book. Abbi017_0371

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