No spend styling tricks

I find there is always a room in the house that doesn’t sit as well as the others, that niggles at you its OK but it’s not as great as some of the other rooms. For me it’s my bathroom (hate it) but because we are possibly planning on knocking out the window and putting in a door and roof garden this room is continually neglected. HOWEVER before running into town to change the look I stopped for a second and came up with a list of tricks that I actually use when styling people’s homes – and it doesn’t involve spending money. How cool is that. Re examine the layout. I can’t move the bath or the sink or the shower in my space but I can swap furniture around. Not so long ago on a project just by moving the furniture into the centre of the room and away from the walls made the hugest difference. Pinch things from other rooms. A rug in the hallway might look  cooler in your kitchen; an occasional chair might look cooler in your bedroom than say the living room. Same goes for accessories, if you want to change the feeling of a room instantly switch the accessories from room to room. Don’t stop decorating too soon. It’s the details that take rooms to another level – piles of novels on a side table with a bunch of blooms, t-lights on mantles, fairy lights strung over mirrors. One simple trick – take a stack of books, plonk in the middle of a console or table plop a vessel on top and then build around that focal point. Drape your furniture – if you’ve got a piece of furniture that you are not keen on drape a throw or some fab textile down or over it  as this will totally transform it. I brought this leather chair (part of a pair but I've seperated them into different rooms to avoid the matching thing) and draped with sheepskins and throws. It was only then that it actually worked and looked cool! art2Re-arrange the art you have in unexpected ways. Hanging it on the façade of your bookcase for example, taking if off the walls and leaning it against the wall on tables or even on the floor – it will completely change up the vibe of the room. art1Cool hey, see you in a bit x

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