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makeOne of the fun things about my work is all the great collaborations that are cropping up. One such collab is my brand ambassadorship role for Rated People. Rated People enables you to obtain quotes from trades in your area. Their work is backed up with reviews from previous customers so if you need an electrician, builder, decorator and don't have one on speed dial these are the guys to go to. Each month I write a blog post for them and this month’s blog post is all about Doing it Yourself. DIY gets a bad wrap and I'm with you if it ends up looking like a craft project, no glittery bits or ribbons stuck here or there for me! However there are few things as satisfying as doing it yourself especially when it looks like a million bucks and its cost next to nothing- not forgetting the sense of achievement you instantly get! A link to my post here - and please don't be put off if you haven't done anything like this before. This is the laziest DIY on the planet - I don't have the patience for things that take longer than a few hours. I want it done, completed and up before the roast goes on, the fire gets lit or the barbecue gets fired up (depending on the season). Talking of barbecues - it tends to be a good idea to light the thing once the washing is  off the line.  Otherwise you find you're suddenly sitting in a meeting when an overwhelming scent of  smoke intermixed with burnt kipper hits you and you realise its actually coming from you! Note to husband!

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