Rooms in progression

I thought this morning I might show you a few images of how my pad has evolved. Decorating the AA way is not (just to warn) the easiest look to pull off. Since we are pulling from a multitude of references, styles, colours and textures it’s a look that requires a little skill. Don't be put off though its easy once you get into it, you just can't go into one store (even my own) and buy a room. As annoying as that is, it pays off (promise) because you'll find you will have a pad that feels incredibly unique, individual and somewhere you will never ever want to leave. Lets start with the lower ground. We did the basics so wallpapered the double height wall and added a bit of furniture but no way was it enough. The space felt too minimal and way too sterile. I knew I wanted it to feel cocooning and squishy. I wanted that feeling the moment that I stepped into the space that I was being enveloped in the squished blanket To do that you have to add layers, the more layers (i.e. the more things you have) the more intriguing the space becomes! Se we went from this: lower groundTo this: House The ground floor has completely changed - it was a floor that didn't work for a very long time. The reason being we didn't use it, I struggled with the idea of turning the whole floor into my studio - I used to be in the smallest room on the top floor. Too decedent thought I to take over a whole floor.  Shouldn't this be the winter living room and a place where we serve pre dinner drinks to the Joneses? Wrong! As a result we barely went in the space and it felt sad and a little neglected like it looks here. The fundamentals are there but no life, if you know what I mean - no soul.   groundNow however it’s changed to this.officeAnd this so  we've gone from this empty space where we occasionally entertained the Joneses to this - my hang out space in the studio! Used everyday and loved! mirror Finally lets take the bedroom; I struggled with this room for quite a while. Wasn't quite sure of the vibe I wanted.  I knew I wanted it to feel luxurious but in terms of the palette and the stuff in it it took a while. So it started off looking like this - as plain and boring as anything! bedroom Then I added texture, texture as I say to you guys and everyone else (from the postman to the two M's teachers at their school) texture is like an herb, just keep adding.  It changes the profile of a space. So I added a textured wall, Moroccan rugs on the floor, texture on the bed and we ended up here and I love it! bedSo there you have it, see you later x

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