Feeling Blue

I am feeling a little blue this morning (emotionally) but also professionally as this hue is getting under my skin. I'm talking powerful blues of course no wishy washy pastels for me. Blue is such a powerful colour dependable, strong, it feels luxurious and makes a statement at the very same time. I like that colours can make us feel reassured when the outside world seems a little tough or we're a little weary, I like how you can walk into a room and feel cocooned, and wrapped up just through painting an amazing colour on your walls. When I decorate with strong colours I pick hues that ignite yet calm its why I am so obsessed with the sludgy, inky  bottom of the lake type hues.  Although they feel bold they are not ballsy like their opposing counterparts (red for instance),  they are grown up, and mood altering. Farrow and Ball launch their new paint range early September and they have brought out two new blues, one dark, one punchier - that made me think of the sea and the sky simultaneously. Cannot wait to receive them and try them out! Meanwhile some blue hues to inspire: Love this hue its love at first sight for me- something I didn't really believe in. but its possible! blue3 Add a jolt of blue - guaranteed to make you happy blueSoothing and invigorating at the very same time blue1

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