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Forgive the lack of Style Surgery of late attempting one each week was rather ambitious I hate to admit!  I have all these big ideas and then the practical stuff gets in the way like the day job. Juggling the store, the product design, interior design not to mention a number of outside projects I'm working on oh and the blog, the website and the journal, and teachingits a little crazy! Style Surgery moves to once a month from now on. If you want us to help you out just email Regrettably we can't respond to individual emails as we get a little inundated. Enough on my work load  meet Caroline.  She has moved into to a big pad in North London and has the following dilemma: "There is a big living room, comprised from two rooms knocked through… this is the problem for me.. it feels like a huge long corridor. The room is probably 30 odd foot in length. We have a grand piano (but not much else part form a couple of chairs in the alcoves) in the back room which leads into the kitchen and we sit and watch TV in the front room.So how best to use them? What about the furniture.. why doesn’t it look homely? What else do I need to make it work? I keep trying to pull the sofas in to the room as I know they look rubbish against the wall. In short, what do I do to make this a fabulously stylish, comfy, inviting room for all the family? Some pics of the room as is: a aa aaa1Some of my ideas below: 1style-1For the piano room I suggest the following: 2style-1Inspirational image below of the unit I was thinking you guys could build, it would totally cosy up the space: piano room more inspirational 3style-1 4style-1A few further inspirational shots of living rooms layered up: ss4 ss7I bang on about this all the time but the more things in a room, the more interesting the vibe. Often times people stop decorating too soon and yet its the details that add the intrigue. Before I go into full preacher mode and bore you all to death I shall sign off and grab some lunch x

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