Some different decorating ideas

I like to push boundaries when decorating, not (as I say often) to be gimmicky or on trend but simply because I like to create an unexpected vibe. I like when people come here there is often a sharp intake of breath, that  everything in the room doesn't always make perfect sense. Below are some daring ideas I've done myself or seen on my travels that will elevate any pad from drab to fab! Coffee tables made from surf or indeed skate boards. I've seen this quite a bit in the States and Australia and I have to say I think its a pretty darn good idea particularly as a buyer I find the buying of tables the hardest thing to like. So ones crafted from skateboards or surfboards are pretty dam cool if you ask me! skateHigh gloss ceilings.  This will give any room an instant glamorous vibe. Particularly fab in dining rooms I should say with a chandelier underneath, the light plays, dances and bounces especially when dusk draws in. glossTalking ceilings - how about wallpapering them? Scared (me too a bit if I am really honest). Not sure on this one but I'm not going to be narrow minded and shut it down completely but the verdict as they say is still out! wallpaperedHanging chairs, Jonathan Adler's has rattan ones hanging in his pad and I like the vibe they create Playful, relaxed fun (who couldn’t smile sitting in a hanging chair). Throw  a couple of sheepskin over it in winter and wham bam - super cool! rattan

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