Getting the pattern mixing thing down

You need to be smart when it comes to mixing patterns in a room because I'm guessing you want it to look and feel cohesive. Rooms without patterns can feel (correction do feel) shallow and a little one-dimensional. Pattern adds an instant welcoming vibe and although (simply because I've done if for yonks) its second nature to me I get that it scares the bejesus out of a lot of people. If you're baffled or worried fear not - once you get this low down you're be fine. Baby Steps –  take them! If you’re new to the pattern game start small. A couple of contrasting patterns on cushions maybe, a few vases,  accessories are the easiest routes to go down. Reign in the colour palette. If you reign it in you can almost mix anything with anything. I found this image over on Houzz – it’s a good example (whether you love the pattern or not) or how by varying the intensities of the various patterns you get this effortless look. You can, I should add be a little more adventurous by chucking in some other hues as well BUT if every pattern on that board was the same intensity and a different hue it would look and feel like a hot mess! blue Next up add contrast. Remember me forever going on about adding friction, its one and the same thing. Contrast adds intrigue and a different dimension. Vary the scale. Its not so much  that you have to worry if some small scale motif goes with something large its more about making sure not everything is the same scale. Lots of small-scale patterns in room often result in a one-way ticket to dullsville so you want to mix it up a tad. Also the more you mix the more you confuse the eye (exactly our plan) so it doesn’t know where to look! The more we confuse the eye the more intriguing a room becomes! Case in point the space below, small motif on the floor, large motif with the rug and a beautifully blended colour palette. beautiful I could yabber on for hours about this subject but I fear I may bore you. See you in a bit

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