Paint fixing tricks

I am obsessed with paint - it’s the cheapest most transformative thing you can do to anything, walls, ceilings a piece of furniture anything. Think of it as style in a can, you're best decorating bud. It uplifts, cocoons, expands horizons I could go on and on. Obviously selecting the right hue is what worries most of us, one of the reasons I am sure so many people play it safe. I hate playing it safe; life is way to short, yes you’re not likely to mess up and go wrong with a beige haze type hue but neither is your heart going to pound so fast and so loud it feels like its about to jump out of your chest. With paint as with life it’s all about living to the full, trying new things, pushing it. Sometimes you fail (sometimes it doesn’t work out) but sometimes you don’t.  At least you’ve given it a shot, and you’ve done something about it rather than thinking about doing something about it. I digress! Below the low down on a few of the tricks paint can pull out of its hat. It can hide an eyesore. Anything ugly or bland - radiators, air cons, paint them out the same colour as your walls so they don't stand out. Even better if you go dark because it will camouflage altogether. The next trick is to put something above the rad or below the air con that distracts the eye. A cool painting, a few shelves so you won't even notice them. rad1You can of course go the other way and highlight them in a strong hue like the image below. I’m not a fan a little too gimmicky, a little too cheap looking and trying to be different for different sake for me. But you know what if you like it do it! radPaint can make a room look brighter. Simply by opting for gloss on the ceilings you're almost adding extra light because high gloss sheen is pretty much as reflective as a mirror. Suspend a chandelier below and magic happens. Believe it or not paint can make a small room look bigger (its a master of optical illusion and super clever) when you paint the walls and ceilings out in the same hue. I say this a lot and I do this a lot, it’s the biggest game changer on the planet. Here's why - you're blurring spatial lines and in so doing making the smallness less noticeable. Want to take it to the level - then paint any small room out in a dark hue. Why? Because you will make everything else in that room pop and take centre stage. Your room will look cooler; you will look skinnier, and happier promise, promise promise! dark darkPaint the back of cabinets or bookshelves with a rousing shot of something or other. How about crimson, or burnt orange, or turquoise  - no point going down the pale route right. Its attention grabbing and super cool. bookOr do the reverse and paint the cabinet in a high voltage hue – either works. bookcaseI could go on and on but I feel that I may bore you, in a nutshell paint is clever, super clever and I am its biggest fan!  

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