A few before and afters

I love before and afters. We all procrastinate a little too much I reckon  (me included trust me) dithering around about whether to change up a room or not.  Panicking it might not work out but you know what just do it. I've been over on the forum for the last hour and have been totally inspired by some of the before and afters. They are amazing and it’s made me want to get off my but and figure out the top floor of this house. No more pondering or procrastinating for moi. By the way if you want to join in the fun you can sign up here. You don't have to have a dark pad, its a forum for sharing, asking questions, getting inspired hanging out and generally being a little obsessed about all things interior. Without further ado check out these amazing before and afters: Check out Rebecca's bedroom before: Rebecca Ritchie And now look at it- AMAZING! Rebecca Ritchie1Anita got super stylish and went from this: AnitaTo this: Anita1Oh and I thought I would join in the fun. I went from  this a white, boring, Scandie inspired dining room: whiteTo this, my dining room as it is now. More colour, texture (I bricked over the boring white wall to add texture) added a heap more mismatched furniture and I have to say I love it! mypad 17Hope they inspire. With decorating as with life I've found its best not to sit on the fence and think what if.  Just do! Have a lovely weekend, back Tuesday x

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