Adding a punch

Morning hope you guys had a lovely weekend. Mine was good although a working one and very tiring.  I did get yesterday off which was lovely but I am ashamed to admit I hit the sack at 8.30pm and slept right through to just now! I can feel September in the air, slightly crisper with misty mornings where when you take a big lug of air you you can smell the earth.   I do this every morning since I am the sole feeder of the  birds. I love September I have this romantic idea of  pottering around the kitchen making jams, listening to BBC Radio 4 or the World Service.  I don't really eat jam, not that that is the point!  I have like a thousand figs to do something with (and I don't like figs either ) problem problem! I watered them so much that they have gone crazy , crazy in a good way but they have so much fruit on them that its a big problemo! Anyways enough of me and my fig/jam situation lets get down to business. I get asked a lot if its OK to have one room a different colour ( bold, dark whatever floats your boat) etc etc . Its totally OK. I love the idea of a room that gives you an unexpected twist. Whether you've wallpapered it, lacquered the walls, painted it top to toe dark. If you go dark though its unlikely  that you won't want the rest of the house to follow - just saying! The space below (shot by Trevor Tondro) isn't dark its blue, punchy punchy blue and I love it. Have a bit of a thing about blue right now and its also a really good example of how you can totally have one space, very different to  other spaces. There is no right or no wrong in decorating. Just do what you love, forget whats in whats out and follow your heart. I follow my heart and then I listen to my head - they don't always have the same opinion (which is a slight problem) but for me its always heart first, head second! See you back here later x trevor    

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