Big thank yous and some stuff on stacking

Yesterday afternoon I had an email from Debenhams to say they cannot believe the response on the lights this early on. They have gone crazy and they are not even in store yet (Sept 1 they go in).  What is more they are having to re-order already as stocks are getting low- beyond my wildest dreams and the biggest hugest thank you  to you guys. The reaction has totally taken me in particular by surprise and blown me away.  Feels very big time, slightly surreal but incredible thank you again so much! Today is a big day in the studio. I have some plans up my sleeve for the store and website (scary plans involving introducing a whole new out of my comfort zone element to the space) which today will either get the go ahead or be ditched. I'm all for it obviously but the more cautious businessy (aka boring people) here at HQ are on the fence! Yesterday - (imagine deep voice here) I got  'are you sure introducing this new concept now, when you're not even known for doing such a thing, and we're fast approaching the holidays is the best idea'? YES (idiots otherwise I wouldn't be mentioning it would I)! That bit I said in my head , under my breath btw! I'll let you know, not that it will be signed off today because even if it gets the go-ahead there is much to figure out! Lets change the subject and talk books but more specifically the stacking of them. Books as I say a zillion times a day add life to a space.  Dotted around a room on side tables, consoles they add texture, pattern and make a room feel lived in. You don't need some lofty art tome, a stack of mags works just as well.  In order to bring them to life you need to think of creating a vignette as we say in the biz or telling a story. Alone in a stack they can feel a little dull but add a candle or say a posy of flowers, a lamp and suddenly you've grabbed my attention and I want to hang out there. Some cool stacking images below whether you've got a small coffee table to liven up or a bookcase! staVery nice see how it looks 3 dimension things behind to the side - that's styling 101! stackingSuper cool, because all the books are not lined up (does anyone do that these days) the arrangement feels arty and tantalising. Books are laid in different directions, things sit on top, in front - the perfect book case if you ask me. stacking1A little more orderly but still cool. As you can see from here you don't actually focus on specific books you focus on the thing as a whole so stacks of magazines, newspapers would work equally as well. See you shortly

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