Decorate like a pro

It's easy you know to decorate like a Pro. There are certain tips and tricks us professionals use that really help a room out so I thought I might share some - and its not even 6am yet!  On fire this morning. I say this a lot but if you are in a pickle with your scheme and not sure which direction to go in then pulling tear sheets from magazines that you immediately emotionally respond to  helps you build up a visual reference and a starting point. If you can reference as many different styles as possible it will make your pad feel unique, bespoke and way more interesting. Partnering vintage with high street for example, the more you mix the more confidence you get. Talking of vintage as a designer I find adding the odd one off supremely important as it always raises the space to new heights. Vintage pieces tell a narrative through they way they are made, through their patina and I am the biggest fan. Reign in the colour palette - my top top top tip. You don't want a space with a zillion different hues fighting for attention because it can and most probably will feel like a hot mess. Restrict the dominant colours to a few and wham bam you've nailed it. Hold back. As impatient as I am I only buy what I love, if I don't love it one thousand percent its not coming home, going into a clients home or going into the store. That may mean that I have to wait a while but surrounding yourself with things that you treasure makes home a happier place, plus you never ever want to get rid of anything. Surprise yourself. Things don't always have to have a purpose. For example I have a concrete chair that I never sit on but I love beyond belief.  Its good to not always be practical (she says being one of the most impractical people on earth)! Couple of examples below.  Both rooms have reigned in the colour palette, both have a mish mash of styles and the odd jolt of unexpected colour. Oh and a note on colour don't follow trends, one season pink is in the next its out, but if you ditch whats hot or not and follow you heart it won't matter in the least! a aa And there you have it. Easy peasy no?  

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