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This morning I thought we might have a peak into the home of Australian artist David Bromley. Australia as you guys probably know is very dear to my heart I go back and forth a lot, I watch Australian TV programmes (The Block) and subscribe to many of their magazines (Real Living, Vogue Living, Inside Out) so I am very familiar with the work of Mr Bromley's. His works of art are sold in stores throughout the country and although hard to describe they reference popular culture and take inspiration from Warhol, Lichtenstein and Baxter - he is a clever boy! The Design Files not so long ago featured his home in Bryon Bay and I thought we might take a look. Before we begin this is certainly not your normal Australian looking home - white, bright and beachy which is probably why I am so drawn to it. Some of it is a little OTT for me but I love the vibe, and even more I love it when people take risks and don't give two hoots about how others perceive them. We tend to be so worried about what other people will think about this, that or whatever it hinders us. Who cares, David doesn't! dx dx1 dx2 dx3 dx4 dx5Pretty darn cool hey, when you follow your heart and don't listen to the naysayers great things happen. I can't tell you how many people banged on about my pad being dark in the early days. From comments on blogs to in the street, sneering little jabs about how white is best, more relaxing blah blah blah - how do I live with it etc etc, I got a lot eally a lot of stick . When you do things differently it makes people uncomfortable, for some reason they feel they have to tease or jab at you. Did I care, nope not in the slightest and now look - retailers, restaurants, and homes across the land are embracing the dark side.   Decorate for you no one else, if you love white love white I'm certainly not saying its bad, all I'm saying is the more risks you take the more gratifying and fulfilling life is, at least that is what I think!

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