Decorating with pendants

Morning, and a very big morning and welcome to everyone currently doing my Online Design Class right now, its lovely having you on board, welcome! Lets talk pendants shall we, I am becoming a little obsessed with them as they are one of those components that us designers use to highlight, illuminate, create separation between rooms, one of those tools we use time and time again. Over kitchen islands, dining tables, coffee tables in the centre of the room, everywhere in fact. Lighting as we all know is one of the most important aspects of decorating; it’s a game changer. I am not the easiest person to hang out with (OK I admit it) take me to a restaurant with the wrong lighting and I'm all fidgety and making excuses to leave. I don't need fancy pants lighting I just need the space to glow and beckon me in, harsh lighting cannot stand. Gem and I go to Paris a lot and one of the best things about going in the depths of winter is walking around those little cobbled streets when dusk falls and peaking into all the bars, bistros and cafes with their soft lighting looking so snug and cosy, beckoning us in. I love it! One of my pet peeves is kitchen lighting so neglected when it comes to cool lighting. Any kitchen with an island looks amazing with a central pendant or row of them because it draws attention to the whole area. If you fancy giving your kitchen a quick update then do nothing more than adding a pendant, you will be amazed at how transformative it is. I take it one step further and go down the chandelier ish route but I also love industrial lighting in kitchens those big fat metal pendants - anything that creates a distinct look if you like! Same goes for dining tables stick a pendant above and that area immediately becomes more distinct and a feature. Dimmers are fundamental because you can set the mood, but you don't just have to use them in  the centre of rooms. Over a console in the corner works equally as well as you can highlight and illuminate whatever is on it. Over a conversational area as well the possibilities are endless! Pendants are great in open plan spaces because you can use them to separate zones creating as many distinct areas you want. So I've got a beaded chandelier over my kitchen island and a murano glass pendant over my dining table. Conventionally you would have done it the other way round  right- the daintier chandelier over the dining and the more modern pendant over the island - but rules are made to be broken! So there you have it decorating with pendants,  - game changers they are! penSuper cool! pen3Beautiful pend4These guys have used buckets and converted them to pendants! Cool no?

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