Delivery days

Paris super early tomorrow with Gem (alarm call at 3.45 - yuk) so no post from me tomorrow. We have a 3-day buying trip ahead of us which is exciting but daunting. Sounds glam but actually its a ton of walking, hours of looking at stuff in hot halls until somewhere around 5pm you loose the plot altogether and suddenly convince yourself that those huge big Buddha’s in teal are the way to go! The nice bit though is Paris in the evening, we venture no less than 5 minutes from our hotel in the Marais (can't walk another step) and plot and plan revamps, discuss new product lines, get excited so I end up the whole night not sleeping but rather imagining how its all going to look.  Talking of revamps the hugest one is happening soon to the store, will tell you more about it in the next week or two, just finalising the final bits in the next few days. We've had deliveries pouring in all week from America (next week Australia) so if feels just like the season, things are changing. New flowers arrived to the warehouse yesterday although won't be going in until the end of next week, as we don't have a free day in the diary until then. I had a sneak peak and they are truly beautiful can't wait to show you guys. Thought I would show you some of the new stock that has been filtering its way in. First up these super cool rams head - fab on a shelf, on a table hey I'm putting one on the kitchen island is that nuts? sheepOh and this guy whom I adore, not sure the 2 M's are so impressed sharing their house with another dog - but hey! dogb

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