Getting dressed

Having spent the best part of yesterday in bed a little sick I thought today I would write about how to dress one. Its a subject I've avoided big time as once as a stylist I spent a month (repeat a whole month) in a studio with no natural light working the longest hours with a pain in the ass photographer, an equally pain in the ass art director and a client with zero taste. The brief a month of styling beds and bedroom sets. Steaming, ironing, frou frouing the set, making them pretty and feminine and who knows what else. That was the last styling job I did, EVER I quit the day after, called my agent and said ‘no more’. That was years ago but the experience still makes me shudder. Below I've written some tips, should you need a little assistance in dressing the bed. As always  its personal some people like sheets ironed to within an inch of themselves some people don't. I am in the camp that doesn't! For me square pillows make the bed look way cooler than rectangular, they add a different dynamic. I've been a fan for years. Because the bed takes up the largest space in the room we've got to add interest to it and the only way to do that is either through texture, pattern or both. So rather than looking at a plain white bed in the centre of the room, break it up, add a throw, add a few patterned cushions. Since I converted to the dark side with bedding (linen duvet and sheets from Merci) it’s brought my bedroom alive so think outside the box when it comes to bed linen also. Also you don't want your bed to be star of the show we've got to distract the eye by making other things in the room equally as important. Remember this way of decorating is all about distracting, tantalising and intriguing the eye. So say you have a cool throw on the bed, add a chair in the corner with a throw also, maybe a little lamp - vignettes as we designers know are  the name of the game! Cushions - 2 are boring, 3 are fabulous like flowers, like accessories when you group things in odd numbers it always appears more appealing to the eye. Talking of throws earlier get creative. For instance over one of my pillows I've draped my sheepskin gilet from Top Shop. The two M's love snuggling up on it and with cushions nearby it looks super cosy. Finally if you can lay a rug under the bed bravo!  Even if you've got carpet especially if its plain consider  adding a pattern rug as no matter how subtle the pattern it will take your bedroom to a whole other level. I haven't really mentioned bedsides but I not a fan of them as such but maybe consider using a little occasional table instead. It will be higher than your standard bedside but it will make the room feel far more exciting than those predictable bedside ones, even if you only do it one side. bedHow cool is it when the standard beside table gets replaced with a little occasional. So much more intriguing. bed1Notice how the floor light with its tall vertical changes up the space. Bedside tables matchy matchy are a little too conventional for me, but this I love! bed4Good example of my 3 cushion thing at the top of the bed. Odd numbers when grouped together are far more pleasing on the eye than even! bed5You could of course just forget everything I've totally said and do something like this. Cool wallpaper, interesting bedding you don't need anything else! That's me done, see you back here later.

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