Chewing the fat

I went on my Paris buying trip armed with lists of things to look out for for the holiday season to stock in the store. Cool decorations, lanterns, candles super fine throws that sort of thing and here I am looking at my buying list thinking wow I went a little off radar. A light for outside so big that practically I'm not sure how the guys can get it through the door (oops), chandeliers to die for, seriously to die for 2 amazing ones for the store (double that because I ordered for home also) A sofa that doesn't arrive until sometime in March, made by a small collective of artisans in India.  'You blew the budget on a sofa not even arriving for the holidays' has been the topic of conversation at AA HQ today. 'Yep and I blew it even further by ordering a second one for me' I replied! Oh and I also ordered paint, paint that we can't sell in the store (unless you seriously twist my arm) because the guys who are selling it to us don't typically sell paint, they sell furniture. Gem and I refused to leave the stand unless they sold it to us its the most unbelievable paint EVER, seriously EVER. They mix it themselves so it has incredible depth imagine black with a big dollop of brown running through it and a taupe that  is so chalky and dense its like some kind of sticky toffee pudding. The store is going in it, our homes are going in it and we're in love. We walked round the show forgetting about baubles and who knows what else, skipping down rows and singing (I'm exaggerating but you get my drift). The suits don't get it, I can sort of sympathise however I will only buy what I love and what I would have in my own home otherwise what is the point of working this hard and this long on something I don't totally adore. Frustrating to the bean counters I'm sure but its one advantage of being your own boss I guess. Why am I telling you guys this, I don't know I guess I feel you might understand even if some of those upstairs right now don't. cafe merci cafeThe only other paint colour that gave me sleepness nights was this one in Merci's cafe. Took me months to track it down and find the supplier and its one of those colours that is grey but has hidden depths of lavender in it. Love it - paint for me has taken over from clothes even shoes. Sad no!

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