After Hours

Nothing better than being at home after hours I say. The work day finishes and rather than running to the latest opening of this that and whatever I would much rather be at home snuggled on the sofa, a fire blazing slowly in the grate, candies flickering quietly away and some music on low or high if I’m cooking, kind of depends! Old age creeping in do you think? Time of year maybe when the evening draws in so much earlier now? Who knows what I do know is that its so simple to create an after hours pad that you will never ever want to leave. I say this a lot so forgive me for saying it again – lighting lighting lighting. It’s a game changer it adds depth, it adds intrigue and it casts a beautiful glow around the space.  Fundamental in living rooms especially so think in multiples. Brighter lights for tasks, smaller ones for intimate little groupings. Make table lamps your best friend, why because they cast light down and create a sense of scale, flattering and clever all in one. Look at any hotel and you will see how the good ones have an almost curl-upabble feel. We want that exact same feeling. Again I say this a lot but if you want a pad that feels relaxing then your  furniture has to be as well, it's got to be kind of squishy.  When you walk in do you get that feeling of wanting to plonk on a sofa or chair and flip open a book. If not you need to find something with curl ability. The other component to making a space feel like a perfect after hours den is adding things that you almost want to touch. Not that you will but it has that effect so I’m talking cushions softly woven from wool, fluffy rugs, some beaten up chairs – pieces that feel interesting and almost tell a narrative. Of course books, flowers and candles go without saying – fundamental to any room.  It takes very little to create a pad that draws you in but when you do, I’m telling you you will never want to leave, not even if the Queen invites you to pre supper drinks. Well maybe – but that’s the only exception! I wanted to show you an image of the library bar at the Nomad because as a designer making a commercial space with all its restrictions feel homely and super cosy is pretty hard to pull off. Its done in this case by the installation of dark wooden floorboards covered in slightly threadbare carpets. Sofas and chairs are upholstered in velvet, the lamp light is genius. Soft, welcoming but also task orientated so you can drink a cocktail or read a novel. Makes you want to walk right in and plonk down, in my book that is how our living rooms should make us feel! nomad

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