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I love my Forum. If you haven't taken a peak seriously do so because as much as I bang on about painting everything dark, adding layers, and playing around with scale when you see other people doing it it makes me so happy! People from all over all over the world have signed up to my Forum and are posting the coolest images of their pads! Not only that before and and afters, posting in questions, getting advice, encouragement, congratulations you name it. The hardest thing when you decorate in an eclectic fashion is to have the confidence to go for it, often times I find we procrastinate (me included) and put things off. Sometimes you just need to jump off the wagon take a leap of faith and go for it. Both Michelle and Mark whose pads are illustrated below have done just that. Hope they inspire you as much as they've inspired me: MarkCheck out Mark's before and afters. Truly amazing! From white walls to dark walls - there really is no going back right! michelleMichele has painted her ceiling the same colour as the walls and check out the difference its made. The space feels so much more cohesive,  the walls way taller no matter how low your ceilings! Love my forum

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