Talking stencils

Today is a little bonkers. We have a new flower delivery to get out in store for one which is exciting.  As the weather has taken a drastic autumnal turn I cannot wait to see all the new blooms in beautiful fall colours. Also big changes are afoot for the back of the store with a whole new exciting product line about to arrive plus I am desperate to see some of things come in from my two recent buying trips because they are going to elevate the store to new heights especially with the revamp we have in mind! The thing I love about autumn the most is that it shifts the emphasis in doors. In summer you don’t care if say the hallway needs a repaint or a new hue but in autumn you kind of do. Jobs that you've put off for ages (like for me repainting the kitchen for example) suddenly need attention. I was looking at the website, and they had a great post on the stencilling of floorboards. The thing that has always put me off before about doing such a thing before is that whole craft project feel (can't stand anything to look like I've just watched Blue Peter) but these spaces have seriously taken stencilling to a new level. A fab idea for hallway floors I reckon or the loo or spare bedroom - seriously tempted Oh and the great thing you won't need to be worrying about rugs because they add a fab pattern, apart from of course giving you that under the foot squishiness that is so cool in winter.  Some images below to inspire. hall hall2I have to run - have a zillion flowers to get out x

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