Going boho

I'm all up for a bit if rough, in interiors that is. Combining sleek contemporary pieces with pieces that look like they've been outside a while is something I am particularly drawn too. The trick is not to go overboard, interiors are far more exciting I feel when you mix up the styles.  When you walk into any one of my rooms not one style prevails as such. Rustic hangs out with glam, hangs out with classic etc etc. The reason I am such a fan of throwing in the odd bit of boho is because it immediately shouts lived in, making any space from bedrooms to kitchens feel incredibly comforting. On the weekend we went to Lassco in Maltby, I'm about to install an outdoor kitchen out back next week (I know its fall coming into winter but this year I'm spending half the week outside cooking). Mad? Here me out - a huge percentage of Americans and Canadians cook outside in low temperatures and I'm joining them. When we lived in the States nobody battered any eyeball to you opening the French doors, skimming off the snow and firing up the grill and I loved it.  More on that next week! This new kitchen is super sleek sexy and very glam so I wanted to soften it a bit with maybe the top of the wall panelled out in wood. At least that was the idea but I didn't find any I liked, so I have another idea and if it works I'm doing it in store also,  but let me experiment first just in case it doesn't work out. So both my indoor and outdoor spaces have a huge rustic vibe to them, baskets filled with logs, wooden vessels, lumps of wood which double up as coffee tables or occasional tables, even apples crates upturned and used as little coffee tables outside. Putting something say worn like beautiful rustic wood alongside something super sexy for me creates magic so if any room feels say a little uptight or not comfy enough go down the boho route, it adds a note that will elevate rooms big time. Lassco of course is an amazing resource for wood and all things architectural, but if you want one of the coolest timber yards on earth that no one has really heard of check out Ashell reclamation. Just to warn this is not like Lassco and a place to wander for inspiration on a weekend. Its a big working timber yard, specialising in tropical timber so if you visit its best to go picture in hand with what you are after, otherwise you will see huge piles of grey rather bland looking wood, dangerously piled up all over the place. They won't make pieces into furniture but they will sand, cut and deliver. I've brought huge slabs of chestnut that I've used as tables and a great piece of something or other tropical that sits alongside my balcony. Beautiful and worth checking out. Without further ado two boho images. My bedroom (I know I know you are probably beyond bored with seeing it yet again – but I love it so humour me)! rough Abbi020_0433

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