Going round

Big thank you to everyone who undertook the online Design Class these past few weeks and for taking part in our twitter chat yesterday evening. The courses like the Design Classes held around the world, and a bit like this blog really are here to inspire, make you think a little differently but more than anything give things a go! I read the coolest quote by Vittorio Radice the other day he said 'You learn by mistakes. Most people don't make them because they are not trying enough, not pushing enough". Could not have said it better myself. Mistakes make you better, you don't succeed I reckon unless you make quite a few of them! So down to business, we're talking circles. Circles in  rooms are fundamental why because they break up all those straight lines. You don't have to go overboard think maybe the odd mirror/side table that sort of thing but if you don't have any rooms can feel a little flat. Circles make rooms more inviting they draw you in. One of the easiest ways to introduce them is through side tables or poufs: aThis is a small space right infact rather linear , but see how the circular poufs help it out big time! aaSame here - I'm the hugest fan of side tables, come across any chair or sofa in this house and its flanked by a side table. Generally 95 percent of them here are round. I can't bang on about it enough - circles help rooms out, they relax them, shake them up, wake them up and take them to another level! Gotta fly - quick visit to the gym and then a busy day. Today at 12.30  I'm at Debenhams HQ taking over their Twitter feed so if you have any questions or queries then you can tweet them to  #AskAbigail Speak later

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