Rug Up

Another crazy day in the hood.  Have been up since four as the mound of stuff to get through is piling up and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed if I'm honest. I need to take a breath and not panic but I'm wondering if I could somehow change the 7 day week into a 10 day week? It would help me out big time. This afternoon Apartment Therapy holds it first International Design Evening in conjunction with London Design Week  and I'm speaking which should be fun. I am not sure if there are any tickets left it starts at 4.30 and is held at the Sorting Office, New Oxford Street. More info here This morning I wanted to focus on rugs, rugs change spaces as simple as that. If you feel that one or all of your rooms are in need of a lift consider before redecorating buying a rug. I say this a lot BUT if you can plump with a textile with some sort of pattern or motif no matter how small it will enliven your space far more than just having a block of colour which can appear a little flat, a bit like carpet I guess! Some tips below: In open plan spaces rugs are a great tool in defining or seperating zones such as seating areas or dining areas. They can bring the whole space together or set individual nooks apart. If you go for more than one rug its quite a good idea to make sure they are not all the same size again that can read as a little flat plus visually if can cut your space in half. Also when using more than one rug make sure the hues complement each other, if not you run into the problem of the overall thing feeling confusing and looking like a hot mess. If your room lacks excitement opt for a fab lively pattern, if your room needs quietening down a tad go for something fluffy underfoot with the subtlest pattern. Rugs are pretty clever decorating tools no? I've picked up cool ones at auction houses, flea markets, Anthropologie, Urban Outfiffters, Ikea, Larusi and Maroc Tribal!. One of the coolest examples to show you is the home belonging to Kara Riverside in Toronto. More images of Kara's home can be found here in Covet Garden magazine r rr

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