Things to make you linger longer

Morning I have a few thank yous to kick start the day. Firstly to my amazing Design Class on Friday I had such a lovely day thank you guys for all being so fabulous and making the day such fun. It flashed by in a whiz. Also thank you to everyone who attended the LDF Women in Business talk at Squint on Saturday evening. Emily Chalmers, Tamara Salman, Michelle Alger, Lisa Whatmough and I all sat down for an informal panel discussion on the pros and cons of being in the design biz, much fun! I was thinking yesterday whilst gardening that for me the most successful rooms are ones that have something in them that make you gasp or  take a big lug of air. They make you want to linger longer and take them in. You know how some hotel lobbies just make you want to hang out there forever and a day because they resonate with the senses well that’s what our interiors should do I reckon. You can create that heart pounding moment through so many things. It could be a beautiful bunch of blooms on the console in the hallway for example. Last weekend actually whilst pottering through Maltby a florist was setting up her stand, she didn’t just plonk blooms in vases she almost told a story through her arrangements so you wanted to buy every single thing up. I stood and watched for a little bit and loved what she was doing, I can’t for the life of me remember her company but she is the only florist in Maltby on a Saturday. Of course it doesn’t have to be flowers it could be anything a chair say in a snazzy colour, or an oversized lamp. It could be a cushion the beckons you to touch it, or a some kind of cool accessory. Something that captures the essence of the room if you like, so it immediately draws attention to itself when you walk in. That’s what the most successful interiors do they make you want to linger longer. Get that right and you’ve pretty much nailed it! Some examples below: n n1 n4Back later with a Style Panel question. We are expanding the journal up a tad into  a mini zine and I would love you guys to be part of it!      

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