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I forgot to ask my Style Panel Question yesterday because my new outdoor kitchen arrived and caused a spot of havoc on the road and kind of messed up the afternoon. The truck (the hugest thing) wasn't keen on coming down the road with only a 3-ton limit. 'Don't worry about that said I, I  get stuff delivered all the time here' (no I don't) and then panicked as it slowly went over the little bridge - suddenly imagining it crashing through it! Then because the truck was so long I needed neighbours to move cars for like miles, then the guys winch broke and then we couldn't get the kitchen into the house because my installers don't arrive until Wednesday it needs men and quite a few of them to get it through. Oh and on top of all that the other kitchen turned up at the store and we are not ready for it until next week! Bonkers yesterday was utterly bonkers. Anyway back to my question seeing as the next issue of the journal is on the kitchen so my question is 'what are your most useful kitchen items'? Mandolin slicer, pepper mill maybe?  I'm saying - juicer and coffee machine neither of which I could live without. I’m not sure coffee machine counts because that is fundamental its not useful its necessary, life depends on that thing!  I'm not into a tool for every single activity like say an avocado slicer but I'm interested to see what you guys have to say. I have the most basic amount of utensils and I want to change that and I thought it might be fun to compile a list of cool utensils that you could give to foodies as  presents, based on your lists of course. After the coffee maker/juicer I would probably say a cast iron skillet or pan simply because it lasts forever. I heard the guy from Joseph Joseph speak last week, he alongside me were some of the speakers at the Apartment Therapy event and he made me want to buy bread boards! Yesterday I got some unbelievable news that my lights at Debenhams are the number one, two and eight spot in the whole of lighting - amazing. The hare lamp leads, followed by the penguin and then the dog.  It seems like the hare which only came back in on Friday is now running at extremely low stock (I've just checked the website and it seems he has been taken off). I know that tons came in but it seems like it was a busy shopping weekend.  The good news however is that from mid October he won't be going out of stock again, I don't think any one of us quite figured how popular they would be! Thank you to everyone who has brought. There isn't really an image to go with this post - so I'll plop this one in. I kind of want to be there now, hanging out, reading with a fire burning slowly in the grate! Coffee in hand, I can dream right? Character

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