Ditch convention when it comes to arranging the furniture

Thank you to everyone who answered my Style Panel questions yesterday. We have a ton of data to pile through and it’s been very insightful.  Will post all the results once we've gone through all  the data and gotten it off the social media channels on the new look journal. Today I thought we might yabber about positioning the furniture. Its a daunting task and often times its a bit like the white ceiling thing, people don't really think about it they just go on auto pilot and do what every one else does, paint it white and when it comes to furniture arranging shove the pieces against the walls. This sounds scary I know but you absolutely do not need to go down that route especially in small rooms because trust me it makes them look even smaller. Placing a sofa even a few feet away from the wall will help you out big time because it creates breathing space. If your can slap pieces right in the middle. Cluster furniture in groups it makes the space feel far more intimate and don't read up on all that mumbo jumbo about the correct space the coffee table should be from the sofa, or the width of traffic lanes! Decorating is intuitive if you have traffic lanes at such and such a width and tables at such and such a distance for seating it will feel like a show home and just horrible. A couple of images to illustrate my points: y1See how cool this is, chairs at the back of a sofa creating an extra  little intimate nook. Adore it! This would scare a lot of people and yet look how it elevates the space. yThe Americans do this a lot, place sofa's around breakfast/dining tables and I for one am a fan. I love how that sofa changes the dynamic of the space . The more you can think differently the more exciting your space will become! Talking of exciting my new outdoor kitchen gets installed today. Cannot wait!

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