Creating a library

Morning,  busy tough long days the last three days but good ones. The Larder is now open in the store and looks amazing (if I am allowed to say that)! Took a whopping 14 hours to sort the store out on Friday but am so happy with the result bit more on that later. The rest of the weekend was spent garden side sorting out the terrace moving massive flag stones as we've elongated it a tad, pottering around with the lighting (still not right) and it zoomed by. Everybody went to bed super early barely able to  get up the stairs and I'm still suffering a bit today but that as they say is life. With the days drawing in and us spending more time indoors than outdoors its time to up our game in the decorating department I reckon. I love this time of year when it doesn't get dark that  early and as I potter around the house turning on lights, lighting fires and candles I'm always amazed how it instantly comes alive. To make a space even more snugly, cosy and inviting books as I say a lot make all the difference. Whether that is a whole ton of shelves housing tomes, magazines and stuff or  whether that is some sort of bookcase wallpaper its amazing how gentleman's club ish your pad will instantly feel. That's what I love about the colder months, snuggling down in a chair with a novel, a fire,  a peppermint tea or something stronger depending on my frame of mind and getting lost in a book. The thing about creating a library is that you don't need to do the whole room, an alcove even with a chair, small little table and a lamp will do it. Some images below to inspire: x1Bookcase wallpaper, doesn't get much cozier than this right. Its actually my house when we used to hire it out as a location so its propped a bit differently and with a more squishy chair for lounging would be nailed! x3Bookcase wallpaper on one wall and bookcases on the other, fab idea if you don't have enough books. x2The real thing and beyond beautiful. Right going to hit the gym didn't go all last week as the days were way to crazy and as much as I have no energy for it this morning, I've get to get off and move my ass as they say! See you later with more on the Larder, the outdoor kitchen and food in general - another reason why I need to hit the gym!

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