Leather Up

One of the first things I ever brought for my first store was an old leather chair I found in the Loire. Beaten up with the stuffing half falling out it had an incredible patina and it smelt divine.  It sold pretty quickly so trips to France and in particular to Paris became pretty regular. I went to Clignancourt (largest most expensive flea market anywhere) and stumbled across a couple of Russian guys who specialised in leather chairs.  Amazing leather chairs from the 30s that cost thousands. ABC Carpet and Home used to fly over and buy 20 at a time then ship them back to NYC; they also used to supply (maybe they still do) Nicole Farhi. I used to just stand in awe and gaze at them. With the economy tanking and furniture taking a big hit I'm not sure if they are still there - and my early years of having time to saunter around Paris on a regular basis to find stuff has long since gone. Although I want to get back into going every few months being so near to London you're there in a jiffy, unless of course you have to drive because of the kids (dogs) and I have a spot of bad luck driving to Paris. Last time the tire blew out and I had to be towed home, which took 23 hours! Before that I managed to put a van I was driving on the freeway into reverse going at high speed and it kind of blew up and because the van company hadn't insured it properly (unbeknown to me at the time)it I couldn't get it home. Was  stranded in France for 3 days! Eurostar please let dogs on you would make my life so much easier! My point I here you ask, sorry yes my point.  There is no way better way to up the textural interest than through a bit of beaten up leather. Actually it doesn't have to be beaten up, as you can see below leather in its new shiny luxurious state also looks pretty cool. The only thing I would say having had a leather chesterfield which I now don't have is that it can be a bit cold so I'm always adding throws to snuggle into! [caption id="attachment_5582" align="aligncenter" width="517"]Domaine Home Domaine Home[/caption] I have leather chairs all over my pad which I sling sheepskins over. This one is part of a pair I brought at a flea market and now hangs out here in my bedroom. bedr This one  I brought home from France and is Maud's chair. No one repeat no one can sit on it - not even her bro otherwise trouble starts! Fraudiejpg

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