The Larder at Abigail Ahern

IMG_0029-2Here is our new recently launched Larder. Full to the brim of produce made by the French Chef Nicolas Vahe who I discovered a number of months ago and whose produce totally blew me away. From confit to jams, from chutney's to spice rubs he makes good exceedingly good stuff!  His orange and tomato marmalade for example is fabulous with duck, the pestos such as onion or olive and almond pesto raise a plain old sandwiches to new heights! All the produce is sourced in the the South of France because of the climate so the fruits and vegtables have incredible depth of flavour. One of products that was the game changer for me was the ketchup. I hate ketchup, in fact I am extremely adverse to it (in a phobia kind of way), can't even sit next to someone if they smoother their food in it, the  smell the texture everything -I am oddly weird about it. So when Gem shoved a cracker with ketchup in my mouth I was ready to start howling, or throwing up or both.  AND YET these ketchups are not like normal ketchups. They are made from sun-ripened tomatoes and are taken to new levels with their lemon and ginger twist, or rosemary and black olive or mushroom. The other day I made pork shank with root vegtables in porcini ketchup. So there you have it, our larder stocked to the brim with fabulous larder food as well as tapas trays, slate trays, pouring jugs,  pestle and mortars, glasses, jugs, storage jars oh and trays check out how cool the trays are! trayOh and finally our new banner pages, recipes, produce, food. Yum yum! Larder-banner-1-1 Larder-banner-2-1 larder-banner-3-1

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