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Morning and a big thank you to everyone who came to Debenhams on Friday in both Lakeside and Westfield. It was so much fun to get feedback on the collection. I had a blast! Here is a shot of the windows can't believe my face is gracing over a 100 hundred stores, its super scary, especially as I hate hate hate pictures taken. r The weekend whizzed by not totally sure where it went, much of it was spent outside as the weather was so amazing, pottering with my new outdoor kitchen.  Even with the light dropping on Saturday evening it was warm enough to sit outside with a glass of wine. I'll show you some pics I quickly shot in the week once I figure out how to get them off the phone (technology and me don't mix so well)! Are you a lounge lover? I don't mean a frequent visitor to the bar in Shoreditch bearing the very same name, I mean rather do you love hanging out in your lounge? I know that I do, it’s my most favourite spot. If you haven't created the ultimate hanging out space yet then here are some super easy tips! Move the furniture away from the walls. I say this all the time I know (forgive) but when I walk the two M's to and from the park I see so many sofas shoved against walls as I nosily peer into neighbour’s windows.  Why? It’s the worst thing anybody can ever do. By just plonking a skinny shelf or console behind or moving just a few feet away from the wall the room won't read as so flat, boxy and one dimensional. One of the easiest tricks in the book and one of the most neglected! In living rooms like in all rooms we need to create as much depth and intrigue as possible and the easiest way to do this is with playing around with scale. Plants and flowers are really easy to super size. I'm a bit obsessed with fig trees which we have in the store, they break up a space making it feel so cosy. A vase of oversized foliage will also do just the trick also, going large adds that magical vibe and in living rooms you need a bit of magic I reckon (image Rue magazine): ru1Of course living rooms like all rooms need layers. Wherever there is a chair plonk a table. On the table plonk a heap of books a little lamp, stuff. Cosy up furniture with cushions and throws and finally add a bar. All rooms needs bars I think it feels so James Bond don't you reckon! OK maybe James Bond wouldn't have a penguin sitting on his like I have on mine- but hey I might be able to bring him round if he called in! AbiDebs1_002_0068

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