Light fantastic

I am (as you probably all know) obsessed, repeat obsessed with lighting. Its transformative powers are second to none. After colour it’s the second most dramatic thing you can do to your space. Irrespective of your style, the colour of your walls the orientation of your pad lighting not only changes the mood of a space it changes the perceived size.When you get the lighting right, (just to warn) no one will notice. When a room is lit the right way and feels relaxed and comfy it makes people happy but they don’t quite know why. It’s the lighting I tell you! I have to be restrained in the winter when the lights go on early from knocking at people’s doors and dispensing advice because I see so many flat, depressing lighting schemes. The best-lit rooms have layers of light that blend together. We don’t want to light the whole room; the trick is to have some shadows because shadows add depth and intrigue. .Essential!  Unless we are in a hospital, dentist or some other kind of waiting room that is! We all know that dimmers are essential particularly for recessed lighting or any kind of overhead. Totally and utterly essential because they dictate mood. Talking of pendants or chandeliers they should never be the main light source, the light is unflattering and it makes for a totally depressing scheme. In living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms even hallways combos are the best – table lamps the odd floor, maybe down lights not forgetting candles. The best thing about the colder months is the lighting – it creates the warmest most snugglest glow. Some images to inspire below , most decorative  but some task also! [caption id="attachment_5624" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Photography Sharyn Cairns Photography Sharyn Cairns[/caption] Don't these lamps just make you want to snuggle up with a book, beautiful glow! c1 c2These two guys are part of our new collection and I have to say I am pretty in love with how glamorous they look.

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