4 steps for creating the perfect bathroom

My bathroom is the one room in the house that I dislike the most so this post is pretty apt. I need to get off the fence and fix it except I am forever putting it off mainly because there is this flat roof outside which I am thinking of making into a roof terrace. That involves knocking out the window putting in a door, building up the terrace structurally and then planting nothing short of a forest. Dusty, dirty work which is why I don't want to fix the bathroom until that gets done but then there never seems enough time in my life these days to figure out the design! I diversify apologies - its because basically I don't want to go the gym so if I stay here chatting to you guys I'm kind of thinking it will then be too late to go because the traffic will be bad the parking will be awful  yada yada yada! Anyways 4 easy steps to change up your bathrooms should you so wish: If you happen to have a shower curtain it will feel way more glam and grand if you hang the rod as close to the ceiling as you possibly can. Check out the shower curtain below, not sure what the exact material is but I haven't seen one so glam ever, totally cool! showerCosy it up. Maybe sling a chair in there, skim a rug across the floor, a plant some sort of table.  I say this a lot but when you treat practical spaces like kitchens and bathrooms like living rooms say and make them more decorative it totally changes the vibe of them and cosies them up! bath furnRe think traditional lighting. You've all seen mine right (below) - not being the most practical designer on the planet I tend to whack my head on the chandelier every time I get out of the bath - but hey it looks good. The odd black eye won't kill me, and anyways bathroom lighting is so dull and  dated cannot stand it! bath meChose a paint colour that isn't a wishy washy pale. Everybody has pale bathrooms and they are so boring so consider going dark. Just don't tell anyone about it before doing it otherwise you will get comments like this 'isn't it going to feel a little overwhelming and gloomy'. NO. Or 'don't you think this dark phase is going to run its course and then everybody will have moved on'. Who cares if everyone moves on, and anyways (this is a fact by the way) once you convert to the dark side you can never ever return. Promise. Once you start living in this magical world there is no return everything else feels not good enough, bland and boring. Promise, promise promise. dark jennaSo that's me done, see you later x

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