Tips for Home Offices, and meet Tom

Home offices are tough ones to crack.  Some of us have turned a whole floor into our studio (that being me) some of us have impromptu little tables all over the place where we can plonk and write emails (no dedicated space as such) and some of us create the coolest spaces out of the smallest spaces. I don't know about you but I want my office space to feel totally non officey. I need it to feel like a space I want to hang out in rather than a space I have to hang out in.  I want it to feel relaxing, inspirational, fun and also (my most hated word on the planet) functional! Some tips below: Figure out your style. Do you want your office to feel masculine, eclectic, boho whatever it is try and work that vibe into the scheme? My room below which is eclectic pkus a super looking masculine one below that! Abbi013_0298 lon1Opt for a non officey looking desk, it helps big time by choosing a desk that isn't necessary meant for a desk or just selecting a corporate looking desk in a cool colour - case in point  Jenna Lyons  office below. lon2Layer your desk with non-officey stuff. So for example I have a heap of books waiting for me to read, a scented candle a little posy of flowers. It softens it up beautifully. lonIf you have office looking furniture fear not distract the eye with some fabulous rug on the floor (its got to be patterned otherwise it won't take the attention away) or and you'll see this below something over sized like lamps or  oversized anything for that matter like flowers, art - works a treat. lon3 Oh and before I go I wanted to introduce you guys to Tom. Tom is 15 years old, and is looking to get into the field of interior design. He wrote to me a few days ago showing me his bedroom and I think its pretty cool so wanted to share it with you guys. Not only does Tom reference multiple styles he has layered up his space making it feel uniquely his. All at the age of 15! Good job Tom as I mentioned yesterday complimentary Design School tickets are yours whenever you want to come along! To have the interiors bug at such as early age is fantastic and to know I've inspired even more - very heart warming! image-8 copy image-8

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