Colour Tricks

Colour is clever. Get it right and it lifts your spirits, get it wrong and it makes you want to run for the hills! I am a big lover of it and as the possibilities are so endless I'm not going to bang on that much this morning about it since we all like different variations. There are tricks though in making it work. Lets say you fancy going dark on the walls with colours that I particularly gravitate towards such as sludgy inky bottom of the lake type hues - deep blues, blacks, chocolates, browns. In order to make them work you've got to up the anty with your accent colours. Not much but by adding shots of one or two brights they will lift the space and elevate it to new heights. Think saffron, burnt orange, red, electric blue. Could be a painting that does that, an accessory something upholstered even. It raises the bar so to speak. In some of my rooms it’s a piece of furniture, in others its flowers. You could also do the reverse. Paint the room out in a bright jewel tone (like below) but the trick here is to accent with strong shots of black to counter balance the pop and to add pattern (as you will see from the rug and the cushions) as it throws the attention off that cobalt blue. I say this a lot I apologise but if you want to create a truly tantalising memorable interior you have to take risks. How many pale Scandinavian style images do you see in magazines, lots rights? How many do you actually recall - I reckon none! They all sort of merge into that sea of bland niceness. I don't want nice I want A M A Z I N G. I want to create interiors that look and feel so cool it keeps you awake at night, it lifts your spirits the moment you walk through the door, it inspires. Take risks and break rules when it comes to colour. Go with your gut, it can be scary especially when that first coat goes up but the great thing is its a tin of paint, It's the most transformative thing you can to do a room and when you think about it probably the cheapest. Buying a sofa, or a chair or a rug isn't as transformative or as cheap as taking a colour that you gravitate towards and slapping it up on the walls. Got to love colour hey! [caption id="attachment_5706" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Image via Rue Magazine Image via Rue Magazine[/caption] Gotta dash I'm off to an appointment and if you're wondering yes G is still alive but don't give him any more sympathy!

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