Decorating with wood

Morning and thank you for all your lovely lovely comments over the last few days regarding our new looking Journal. So happy you guys love. Bad night last night kept worrying the wind was going to uproot all the trees in the garden and with more than 10 of them I was worrying like crazy so barely slept.  Although its actually worse being awake and working right next to the garden because they are blowing around poor things! I've actually (dare I admit this) been outside since 6 wrapped around a tree I couldn't stand to loose so forgive the lateness of this post! Neighbours think I'm crazy! Enough on that lets talk decorating with wood. I love adding wooden elements to my pad be that little wooden tables crafted from wood, or blocks of chestnut that I've turned into tables in my pad. Maybe its an apple crate upturned and used as a coffee table, or huge panels salvaged from the river bed that I've turned into a wall.  Its that marriage of rough slash organic with higher end pieces that gets my heart racing. If everything looks super sleek and sophisticated it  reads like a big yawn and way to one dimensional.  Its only when you start dabbling with textures, juxtaposing something uber sophisticated with something roughly hewn that magic starts to happen. Seen below is a  little loo of mine on the lower ground floor. Feels quite cabin esq and snug when you enter, but its been glammed up by the shinny vase, flowers and a collection of art (which you guys can't quite see). Abbi007_0161 GG2NYC010_ 0152Shelves also look fab crafted from wood. GG2NYC006_ 0095As does a huge slab of it running low low low to the floor, and used as a shelf. Texture is one of the most important components in the decorating puzzle so when you mix it up nothing looks better!

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